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Hi Khang,

Facebook Voting Alerts are now available on your Facebook Page – Cười SML. Voting alerts is a free tool that allows state and local elections officials in the US to broadcast essential updates about the voting process to people in their community by marking a Page post as a voting alert, which sends out a notification to Page followers who live in the community.

Voting alerts are meant to be used sparingly to communicate important information to people living in your community. Voting alerts can be used in emergencies as well as in less critical situations where timely information is valuable. Specifically, voting alerts are meant to help you communicate information that is:

Urgent and time-sensitive. Speed matters.
Actionable. May lead people to take action.
Relevant to voters. Broadly applicable.
To post a voting alert, select the “voting alerts” button in the Page composer experience. Marking a post as a voting alert will:

Allow Page followers to see the “voting alert” indicator on that post in their News Feed (⚠️)
Cause that post to appear in the Facebook Voting Information Center.
Send a notification to Page followers living in the affected area.
In order to keep your Page safe, our voting alerts tool will require all Page admins who want to post on the Page to complete Facebook’s Page publishing authorizations process within the next two weeks.

You can view a full guide to using voting alerts here, which includes examples of the kinds of alerts that are not appropriate, and guidance on how to write an engaging post. Please consult the guide if you have any questions and review it thoroughly before using the product. We will also be holding short online tutorials to help you get set-up and provide guidance on how to use voting alerts. To sign up, please click here.

The Facebook Voting Alerts Team